“I've come out of this process a changed woman! I have a new skill set, a new career, and a new understanding of what divorce is really like."

– Sheila


“I doubted collaborative divorce would work. But instead of wasting years in courtroom battles, we created a solution based on our unique needs, not a judge’s opinion."

– Peter


"Collaborating took away the smoke and mirrors of divorce. It also kept the terms private, unlike a courtroom divorce."

– Mariama


“Through collaborative divorce, our children saw us be respectful and take the high road, instead of hurting each other and the rest of the family. As a result, we have good relationships now.”

– Marty

Advancing excellence in out-of-court divorce.

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To promote, enhance, educate and nourish the practice of Collaborative law by trusted and experienced legal, mental health and financial professionals who share a common collegiality and objective to change the culture of family law by preserving familial values and relationships, allowing self-determination of the outcome and protecting the parties’ privacy and dignity.

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Alberto Romero, Jr. Team Member Award 2018

Dr. Kim E. Costello

Congratulations to Dr. Kim Costello, the 2018 winner of the Alberto Romero, Jr. Team Member Award. The TBACP’s Alberto Romero Team Member Award is the highest honor presented by the TBACP’s Board. It was established to annually recognize a team member who has consistently demonstrated fairness, courtesy, dignity, honesty, integrity and an abiding sense of responsibility to comply with the standards and rules of professionalism in the collaborative practice. Those of use who know and have the good fortune to practice with Dr. Costello understand personally what a deserving person she is for this prestigious award. Congratulations, Dr. C!

To learn the history of this award and view the past recipients, go to this link – Alberto Romero, Jr Team Member Award

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