Member Spotlight: Jennifer Ficarrotta

By: Jennifer Ficarrotta, Esq.

What motivated you to join the collaborative movement?
I was motivated to attend a training simply for education and insight into a new process.  When I finished the advanced interdisciplinary training, I knew that collaborative divorce could be a better option for many families.
When did you first receive your collaborative training and from whom?
2011 or 2012 from Lonestar in Houston
What changes in your practice have you noticed since moving toward collaborative?
Collaborative has improved every facet of my practice.  I am more creative in traditional litigation, I am more educated in mental health issues, and my clients are demographically more diverse.
What is your best selling point when talking with potential clients about collaborative law?
Getting divorced through the collaborative process is the only way to end a marriage together.  It’s the last team effort before divorce.  What better way to create a successful post-judgment family than to end the marriage doing it differently, better, and together?
What saying/motto would best describes you?
Irrationally optimistic (according to those fancy psychological tests).
What is something that would surprise folks about you?
I love to fish.
What would you be doing if you weren’t practicing in your current field?
Right now, probably laundry.  😉
Where do you see your practice ten years from now? 
Right next to Caroline, Alex, Sarah, and Andrew!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!