Member Spotlight: Dr. Tsila Kirsh

By: Dr. Tsila Kirsh

What motivated you to join the collaborative movement?
I believe in collaboration in most things in life; for me it is part of my life’s philosophy so it was only natural that I wanted to be part of this movement . I was excited to work with teams and with different professions.
When did you first receive your collaborative training and from whom?
From the Miami Group in 2012(? I think or 2011).
What changes in your practice have you noticed since moving toward collaborative?
More forensic cases:-)
What is your best selling point when talking with potential clients about collaborative law?
The best thing that they can do for their kids , and if they do not have kids so for their future relationships. Simply put, collaborative divorce will increase their chances of divorcing peacefully with minimum negative effects.
What saying/motto would best describes you?
“Sabra”- tough and resilient outer layer but sensitive and warm inner layer :).
What is something that would surprise folks about you?
Love extreme outdoor adventures.
What would you be doing if you weren’t practicing in your current field?
Traveling the world, living with and studying different societies as an anthropologist.
Where do you see your practice ten years from now? 
I have learned the hard way to live for the day,  so for me this question is irrelevant.