About Alberto Romero, Jr.

Alberto Romero Jr., 39, of Tampa died early and tragically on January 8, 2015 in Habana, Cuba. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, his family moved to Tampa when he was age 5. After graduating from the University of Illinois, and attaining his J.D. from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2001, he started with Gulf Coast Legal Services in 2002 defending indigent victims of domestic violence, and then moved into private practice. In 2011, Alberto opened his own law firm in Tampa. He was Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Marital & Family Law, the highest level of evaluation for a lawyer, and was a Certified Florida Family Law mediator.

His passion for his work was a deep part of his character. He represented people during the most difficult and stressful of times, but he did more than represent them. He listened to their fears and their hopes with compassion and understanding, and he advocated for them fiercely. Among his colleagues, he was known for his hard work and his search for solutions that treated all parties with dignity. He made them all better lawyers….better professionals…better people….better friends.

This award was established to annually recognize a member of our practice group who consistently strives to demonstrate fairness, courtesy, dignity, honesty, integrity and an abiding sense of responsibility to comply with the standards and rules of professionalism in the practice of collaboration.

The Alberto Romero, Jr. Team Member Award is presented annually at the General Membership Spring meeting.

List of Honorees

J. Fraser Himes, Esq. (2015)

Alice M. Boullosa, MSW, LMFT (2016)

Kristin E. DiMeo, CPA, ABV (2017)

Kim E. Costello, Phy.D. (2018)