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November Chapter Meeting Synopsis by Dr. Monica Epstein

The topic of interest during our meeting on November 17, 2016 was “Working with High Conflict Persons in a Collaborative Case: Is That Possible?”  Our guest presenters were Attorney Sheldon (Shelly) Finman and Deborah Coe Silver, Psychologist, both practicing professionals from Fort Myers, FL.  The session involved the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as […]

December 2016: Message From Your Co-Chairs

  What a terrific Christmas party!  Thank you very much Cole Jeffries and Sue Melendi for your wonderful hospitality, beautiful home, and great food and drink!  For those of you who missed it, it was a fun time and went deep into the evening. On another note, David Harper and the Education Committee are working […]

Member Spotlight: Dr. Tsila Kirsh

By: Dr. Tsila Kirsh What motivated you to join the collaborative movement? I believe in collaboration in most things in life; for me it is part of my life’s philosophy so it was only natural that I wanted to be part of this movement . I was excited to work with teams and with different professions. […]

TBACP Board Retreat at Emery House

Co-Chairs Report from the TBACP Board Retreat Silence, sanctuary and safety were promised at our board retreat at the Society of St. John the Evangelist Monastery near Boston.  Together, we built trust and an environment where we could risk being open, vulnerable, known and transparent, without rejection. The monks at St. John believe much of […]

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Ficarrotta

By: Jennifer Ficarrotta, Esq. What motivated you to join the collaborative movement? I was motivated to attend a training simply for education and insight into a new process.  When I finished the advanced interdisciplinary training, I knew that collaborative divorce could be a better option for many families. When did you first receive your collaborative training […]

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