“I've come out of this process a changed woman! I have a new skill set, a new career, and a new understanding of what divorce is really like."

– Sheila

“I doubted collaborative divorce would work. But instead of wasting years in courtroom battles, we created a solution based on our unique needs, not a judge’s opinion."

– Peter

"Collaborating took away the smoke and mirrors of divorce. It also kept the terms private, unlike a courtroom divorce."

– Mariama

“Through collaborative divorce, our children saw us be respectful and take the high road, instead of hurting each other and the rest of the family. As a result, we have good relationships now.”

– Marty

Advancing excellence in out-of-court divorce.

Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals (TBACP) is a highly selective non-profit association of independent attorneys, neutral financials and neutral facilitators who specialize in and commit to collaborative divorce.

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Congratulations to Ellen Ware, Esq. winner of the Alberto Romero, Jr. Team Member Award!  The Alberto Romero, Jr. Team Member Award is the highest honor presented by the TBACP Board.

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