Why Collaborative Divorce?

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rotect your children, your privacy and your finances.
Avoid the agony, stress, delays and unpredictability of a court battle.
Craft your own agreements, rather than leaving crucial decisions about your children and finances to a judge.

Collaborative Divorce provides an alternative to an adversarial divorce in court. Each of you has an attorney dedicated only to assisting you to reach a satisfactory out-of-court resolution.  It provides you the best of both worlds – the advice and protection of an attorney, and an attorney committed to achieving settlement.   Collaborative attorneys are engaged only to help you design a settlement, not for litigation.  This prevents them from expanding your case into an expensive showdown in court.

Unlike an adversarial process, where the clients often each hire dueling experts for every dispute, in the Collaborative Process joint neutral experts are carefully recommended to provide just the assistance each couple or family needs.  Your Collaborative attorneys can also help you decide whether you will benefit from a neutral facilitator, a neutral financial professional or other neutral professionals to work with you to identify goals, gather information, brainstorm solutions, then negotiate, draft, and implement your agreement.  Your attorneys and neutral professionals guide and support you as problem-solvers, not enemies.

Core commitments of a Collaborative Divorce:
  • Negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution without having courts decide issues.

  • Maintain open communication and complete information sharing.

  • Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all.